led street light

Led Street Light

LED Street Light

Product Details

    Asha led Street Light Regular specification as below, your requirements can be customized (Power, Voltage, Lumen, etc.). Welcome to contact us for more details and offer you the lowest price and best service.


Product Specification
Power 30w, 40w, 50W,60w, 80w,  100W, 120W, 150W,200w
LED Chip Epister/Bridgelux
Voltage AC85-265V, DC12V/24V
Luminous(LED Chip) >90-130lm/W
CRI >70-80
Power Factor ≥0.9-0.97
led street light

Led Road light

The LED technological innovation is seeing an important increase in reputation when it comes to using as the street light. LEDs are valued for a number of reasons. One of the significant advantages is the broader protection of the lumen outcome. By helping the consistency of the outcome there are fewer areas left in the night, which is essential for all-round protection and visible sharpness.

Here are several advantages of using LED street lighting

Environmentally friendly

A great purpose to restore the conventional street illumination with the LED solutions is because they are fairly eco-friendly. LEDs need a lot less power to run and are nearly twice as energy-efficient as the lightweight neon lights. They have the opportunity to operate with just 15% of the power required for a conventional incandescent light. Plus the LED light can release up to 140 lumens per watts, which is especially higher than the 58 per watts for the conventional streetlights.

Greater durability

LEDs are not produced using arc pipes which frequently occurs with most High-intensity release (HID) lights. Instead, they use diodes that give higher durability and potential to deal with provide the long-term service.

Extremely lengthy lives

LEDs have the benefit of having a very lengthy life expectancy, which has the potential to achieve 12-15 years or up to 100,000 hours. These illuminations do not consist of the kind of filaments that get rid of up after a relatively short period of time frame. Plus the LED Road light is entirely free of mercury, lead or other harmful substances which are typical in mercury-vapor lights and high-pressure salt lights. Because of the extended life-cycle of this illumination, there is certain to be a lot less need for common servicing. This kind of mild is most realistic in locations where lights are difficult, undesirable or expensive to have changed.

Are there any downsides

Even though there are many advantages relevant to using these LED Road light, there are also a couple of disadvantages. One issue that is likely to rise above the crowd from the beginning is the top preliminary cost. Many of this illumination can cost over twice the price of the more conventional illumination. Because of this the lights are more easy for the ahead experiencing or clinging streetlights and not the light style.